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How Our Formula Works:

Your penis has 3 chambers which fill with blood during an erection. These chambers are a collection of blood vessels which become swollen with blood during sexual arousal. While you're not sexually aroused the penile chambers are open and allow for the flow of blood through the filling chambers. When you are sexually aroused the chambers remain open and the exit gates close. When the exit gates close the blood that remains in the penis gives you your erection. MXman formula contains natural herbs known to increase blood flow resulting in larger, firmer and more powerful erections. After continues use your Penis will become larger in both Erect and Flacid state and the results are permanent.


The usual dosage is 2 Tablets daily, untill the required gains have been reached. Take the pills 30 mins after food, with a large glass of water. Some patients can continue to take MXman at a lower dose of 4-6/week once the required size has been reached, this keeps them in optimal sexual performance. The effects from taking MXman are experienced within the 1st week. During the course, especially the first 3 months it is important to be very disciplined and not miss any dose.

Missed Dose:

If you miss a dose, use it as soon as you remember. If it is near the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule. Do not double the dose to catch up.

Side Effects:

MXman has no known side effects. If you have any serious health concerns, or taking other medications, you should review the ingredients with your doctor.


Vitamin E 20 IU
soya protein concentrate 250 mg

Mucuna pruriens 75 mg
Asteracantha longifolia 75 mg
Pueraria tuberosa 75 mg
Withania somnifera 50 mg
Tribulus terrestris 50 mg
Albizzia lebbeck 50 mg

Argyrerin speciosa seed 100 mg
Valeriana wallichii 25 mg

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We accept all major creditcards. ordering via our encrypted form is easy and safe.

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You should receive your order in 2 - 5 business days with FEDEX. Most international orders are received within 3 - 7 days. We cannot control the local customs in your country, therefore some orders may take longer. Registered mail takes 5-15 days.

Is the package discreet?

Yes, all orders are shipped in discreet packaging.

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We charge a flat rate of $24.95 postage and handling through Fedex/DHL. And its free for registered mail.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a money back guarantee if your not totally satisfied.

"I was a little skeptical at first but I decided to give your pills a go. Within three weeks my penis grew by an inch but the hardness and staying power was just fantastic. My girlfriend thought I was on Viagra.
Woody Long, CA

"Although I have never been ashamed of the size of my penis, I have always wished it was bigger. I have been using your pills for about two months now, my penis has gone from 5" to just under 7". I find the pills to be just amazing."
Shorty, NY

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